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Hi I'm on mobile app so I can't pull up the page, but you have to use another mod with it to make it work. A link to it should be on the same page as the nraas tattoo. Hope that fixes your problem!

I looked through the instructions again, and I totally missed that! Thank you so much, Anon, it works perfectly now!! <3

And if anyone’s wondering: You have to download Integration as well!! c:

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I just downloaded the nraas Master Controller + Expanded Tattoo, but I can’t get the latter to work properly… The icons are all showing up in CAS, but when I click on them and then on a tattoo design, the tattoo on my sims’ back changes instead. And that’s the only one I can change, even if I click on basically any icon (even the normal non-mod ones)?!?!??
Maybe I missed something or am just being stupid, but I couldn’t find anything about this via google either :/

edit: solved!!

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